Our focus


We are fully licensed pyrotechnicians with the skill and knowledge to light up your scene

Special Effects

We are able to bring anything you image to life. Fog, Rain and snow are some of our most common effects

Drone Cinematography

While we are mostly special effects focused we do offer drone services with our DJI Inspire 1

About Us

        We aim to bring the best special effects to life. With a team of dedicated special effects technicians, there is nothing we cant handle. From rain and snow to fire and explosions we can bring it to life for your shot.

        We are fully licensed pyrotechnicians with experience in welding and low voltage electronics. We are capable of building any sort of prop or device in our FX shop. Whether you need rain on a moving car or a bonfire on the beach we stand ready to make it happen.

        Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or want some advice on a shot you might be doing. We are more then happy to help with any issue that might arise.